The McKenna Lab is seeking talented graduate students, postdocs, and other associates, including volunteers. Contact Dr. McKenna to discuss current openings.

A four-year postdoctoral fellowship in bioinformatics is currently available in the McKenna Lab. All researchers with relevant background will be considered, regardless of the organism(s) previously studied. Exceptional skills in bioinformatics, and a strong interest in organismal biology and evolution are critical for success in this position. For more information and to apply, visit:

Graduate students in the McKenna lab typically incorporate both significant field and collections-based research into their studies. Lab members have a shared passion for insect biodiversity science and education and regularly attend national and international meetings relevant to our research (e.g., ATBC, ESA-Ecology, ESA-Entomology, SSE-Evolution). Furthermore, the McKenna Lab is home to several PhD-researchers (postdocs, a research assistant professor, & research associates) with broad-ranging expertise in bioinformatics, field and collections-based research, insect genomics, morphology,  ecology, and evolution, pollination biology, insect conservation, and biogeography. Therefore, students in the McKenna lab have daily access to several world-class mentors and teachers, and the opportunity to learn fundamental and cutting-edge methods from experienced individuals who are actively using and developing them.


Graduate students in the McKenna Lab are admitted through the University of Memphis graduate program in Biological Sciences. More information about the program, including degree requirements, can be found here. My graduate students are also admitted as Associates of the University of Memphis Center for Biodiversity Research (CBio). CBio provides outstanding opportunities for graduate student research and education, including the opportunity to compete for admission as a CBio Biodiversity Scholar. More information about CBio can be found here.

I have prepared a document which provides a detailed overview of my expectations of postdoctoral researchers and graduate students, and what you should expect to gain from training in my lab. The document is available to prospective graduate students and postdocs upon request (request via email).

Interested in Joining the McKenna Lab?